AppImage 23.06.14 Shotcut file dialog very slow

What is your operating system?

Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

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Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
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File browser inside Shotcut (Open File) is loading slowly, often leading to “Force quit” on Shotcut making me downgrade to previously installed 22.10.25 version, which works flawlessly.

Portable, Snap, and Flatpak do not have this problem. I do not know why AppImage would when it is simply a different packaging of the portable, but it does. You probably do not need to force quit it even though that is offered. A simple workaround is to drag-n-drop from a file manager.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I’m using AppImage, I’ll try to switch to Flatpak or Snap and see how it goes for me.

For the workaround, I can’t see a way to drag-n-drop LUT (which I’m often doing) and the slowness of the file manager is ruining the editing experience.

True that the workaround does not apply to many file dialogs including save. On my system with a couple NFS mounts, the file dialogs on AppImage take 5 - 6 seconds.

Just installed Shotcut from Snap Store, works like a charm, no issues at all.

So strange that AppImage version has this problem, I never experienced it before, if it’s only when opening file browser, it won’t be too bad, but the delay was present even when file browsing also (on my end).

Thanks again for the quick reply and provided solution.

I have the “Force Quit” problem whether I use an AppImage or a Snap. I do not intend to install or try Flatpack.

My version of shotcut is 23.07.29. I’m on Debian 12. Everything is up-to-date.

I did not need to do this with the AppImage, but with the Snap I also have to have this in my environment, otherwise shotcut exits right away with “Aborted”


I’ve tried increasing the variable org.gnome.mutter in Gnome, but it did not help. Shotcut really freezes for a bit. I was able to experience that first hand. The interface was frozen, but after I had increased the variable, well, the desktop was not detecting it quickly, and it was sitting there frozen for a while.

Two things that I did that reduced the frequency of the freezes:

  1. I deleted ~/.config/Meltytech/Shotcut.conf.

  2. I deleted ~/.cache/Meltytech.

I also asked Gnome to flush the recently used files. I think it also did it for Qt apps, but I’m not sure about this. However, this made no difference.