Anyone running Shotcut files from a Cloud service?

Any downsides to that method?
I am trying to setup a way that would allow me to work on the same file but from different computers, and ideally different OSs (Win10 & Linux).
I was just testing this with Dropbox, from 2 PCs with Win10 and with Dropbox installed for Files Manager. It did work as each read the same path to the file (C:\Users\usernamehere\Dropbox\yourfolder).
But this would not work for Linux. Because whatever that path would be like, I very much doubt it’ll start with “C:”.
There’s also the web alternative, instead of using Windows Files Manager. By using a web browser and going to the Dropbox site, in your account. This way at least, you deal with a more universal kind of address (URL). Except, I still can’t figure out how Shotcut could make use of it.
Maybe I need to look into solutions typically used by teams working on the same file.

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