Anyone importing CBR AV1 encoded videos made by OBS?

Hello friends,

I’ve been using Shotcut for several months to make almost 100 videos for YouTube. I was previously capturing game play using ShareX or Twitch recordings. I decided to try OBS because it seems easier to configure.

I can create CBR videos in OBS using x264 and x265 encoders. Shotcut recognizes them as CBR. It doesn’t need to convert them into an edit friendly format.

However, I’ve had no luck creating CBR videos in OBS encoded via AV1. Shotcut always requests transformation into an edit friendly format. I can create AV1 videos in lossless format that Shotcut accepts with requesting transformation.

Has anyone else tried this? Thank you.



As a private investigator, much of my work recently has veered into the digital realm, particularly in creating evidentiary videos for presentations in court. My journey mirrors that of many content creators, especially when it comes to optimizing video production for clarity, compactness, and compatibility. For several months, I’ve been immersed in the world of video editing using Shotcut, a tool that’s seen me through the creation of almost 100 videos, primarily for documentation and YouTube dissemination.