Any tool for adjusting brightness&contrast?

I tried the shotcut for some editing purposes and i confused at the lack of brightness and contrast controls! It’s essential tools and it MUST be in any video editor! And moreower, to be able use it properly, i need hystogram tool. Furthermore, it is desirable to have a function similar to the levels and curves.
When these functions are implemented?

You can use the vertical sliders in the Color Grading filter to adjust brightness and contrast. Video scopes including a histogram are on the road map. There is no estimated of delivery for anything new because it depends on volunteerism including myself.

Thank’s for reply! But Color Grading can’t help mi, because i need to adjust point of darkness. I have some video with overexposed darks. The slider of darks et bottom lewel alredy, and i can’t adjust it properly.
About volunteerism. I can help you translate interface to russian if you wont.

You can help with the existing translation through here:

I have been meaning to add Brightness and Contrast filters since they are basic and people look for them and might also be intimidated by color grading UI. So, I created UIs for them, which you can add to your existing install. I do not know what OS you use, but navigate in a file manager to the directory containing the shotcut executable. Then, go into share/shotcut/qml/filters. Extract this zip into the filters folder; it should create new “brightness” and “contrast” sub-folders. Finally, restart Shotcut if it is already running. (4.7 KB)

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Dan Dennedy rejected the request for in the project of the organization ."


You requested a new translation when there is already a Russian translation, of which you are also a member. New volunteers regularly request a language that is already started. Maybe the Transifex UI is confusing and causing this. Revisit, find the Russian translation, and you should see that you have access to change it.

I downloaded the language file for editing, edited and uploaded it back. While I was engaged in translation, I got this message. I corrected the incorrect translations and added a significant portion of the missing. There were not translated part of the items. I’m not sure of the meaning of these items, as I do not know the context of their application. Some of the words refers to the capture. I have not found the capture in the shotcut menu.

If there is nothing in the Playlist or Timeline and you open a device or live source, then the Export File button turns into a Capture button. Yes, I know there are many words that are not obvious or how to make them appear. Just do your best without asking too many questions, please, because this does take away time from development.