Any camera effects?

Im working on an animatic type thing and I want to know of any ways to move the camera continuosly, if you know anything, please let me know!

Shotcut doesn’t have any way of panning, tilting or zooming. For that you need keyframes.

It’s on the list.

I dig the roadmap! any chance we’ll see support for running as a render server or other network rendering methods show up on there? Also “FireWire/Linux input” is anyone still using firewire hardware? It’s a jumble of adapters here anytime something shows up with it.

I’m using Firewire on Linux. I use an ADS Pyro A/V Link to digitize Hi-8 analog video from home movies. I have never gotten Shotcut to capture from HDMI input so use other software for capture. The Pyro Link makes quality transfers.


There’s my answer! I use a PCIe card for that at this point although I suppose that’s not an option for some older hardware

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