Anti alias with Text Simple filter?

Is there any way to have some anti alias when using the Text Simple filter?
Maybe i’ve to add a little blur effect too?
Honestly the text looks so ugly when rendered.

Can you show an example ?
Please capture your Shotcut window (showing the problem) before exporting and the file playing in your media player window after exporting.

It is already anti aliased.

Byt he way, that ugliness of the text you mention is probably because you applied the text effet on a transparent clip and there nothing under it in the timeline.

Look at this (Right-click the GIF and open it in another window to view it at 100%):

Either put a opaque clip under your text clip, or go to Properties and add a color to the transparent clip.


I’ve a solid color rectangle below of it. Using a little blur filter mitigated the problem.

Ok let me render the video again and capture some example.
I’m using Open Sans Extra Bold as font, will try also with different fonts.

Please also provide a capture of your Shotcut window, showing all tracks if possible,

Text output looks crisp to me. This is a frame export to png. Video mode is 1080p.

Looks fine to me when rendered to a mp4 too:

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