Another Video with Colour Grading, Masks for Main Title

This one is my major video project ever: around 3 minutes.
I used Gimp png images with transparency, masks and size, position and rotate filters for Main Title Animation.
Used Shotcut Audio Gain Filter to reduce background music volume.
Different videos from different sources; again I used colour grading to give the whole video a more constant look and feel.
Small text box animations obtained with position and rotate filters.
Shotcut is definitely a great tool. Here is the final result:

I hope you will enjoy this video.

Note: I’m not using this Forum to spread my Faith. Just sharing my experience.

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Very nice video, I regret its proselytism, I quote you: "I’m not using this Forum to spread my Faith. ".
But it’s done faith.
There are plenty of other subjects to deal with, however my compliments for your technicality and know-how.

Thank you for your comment.
I started to use open source editors since 2011 with Kdenlive.
Unhappy with Kdenlive’s hiccups, I moved to Shotcut and I am very happy with it.
Regarding the theme: I am an IT engineer and a Christian. I posted 3 videos on this Forum; 1 is about WIFI bridges in a building to building deployment and 2 about Christ. That summarises a bit my personal interests and my priorities.
I am planning shooting and editing another video about my IT lab which I will place here in due time.
I’m sorry for any inconvenience/disturbance caused by my personal preferences.


Hello Joseph,
Thank you for your answer and details, I used Proshow which went bankrupt due to piracy, VSDC, Davinci too complex for my knowledge and Shotcut which I find great with an excellent forum very responsive and thank the initializer of SC.
I better understand the quality of your video being a computer engineer, like my grandson.
I was baptized Catholic by my mother, but from the age of 16 I distanced myself from all religions, next April I will be 86, I am not a believer while respecting the faith of each, there is nothing offensive to be a believer as not to be, we are lucky to live in democratic countries.
I took the liberty of making the remark because you added that you do not proselytize (and I believe you), while doing so, certainly not intentionally, but that only engages me and I do not wish to do so. a matter of state.
But that didn’t stop me from enjoying your video.

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