Another Trip Video Made with Shotcut

It’s always better to have a muse for these videos


Beautiful. The fish footage ain’t bad either :slight_smile:


LOL. True

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Wow! I can’t say anything else !

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Thank you!

Brilliant. @bentacular!!

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Very nicely done video - love it!
Seems you had lots of fun.
We like snorkeling and do it very often :slight_smile:
This sommer we stayed in Greece, Chalkidiki - which is surely not the best place for snorkeling or diving, but we still saw at least 20 kinds of fish incl. octopus and sea snails (Giant Doris - for the 1. time) but we also snorkeled other more famous places all around the globe.
Best places were probably:

  • red sea (many exotic kinds of fish, great riffs and corals)
  • Mexico (great sea turtles and mantas, barracudas)
  • Seychelles (very nice water and lots of sea life, big turtles, mantas, sting rays, barracudas)
  • Thailand (not the best visibility, depending on island/locations/weather)
  • Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia (same as Thailand)

What equipment did you use for the under water shots?

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Thank you. I love snorkeling and try to do it as often as I can.

For equipment, this video was shot on a Gopro Hero 7, Insta360 One R & Insta360 One X2

I plan to travel and snorkeling more and making Shotcut videos along the way.

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Thank you sir!

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