Another slideshow demo - done with Elusien's WebVfx and overlay HTML

Hi all, I wanted to share my new slideshow featuring 22 of my photos of my hometown. All done with Elusien’s fantastic WebVfx framework (“slideshow” feature), imported as an overlay HTML filter into shotcut .

It’s a work in progress; there’s no audio track yet. The next stages for me are:

  1. to create an artistic opening title sequence using the overlay HTML feature,
  2. to add a few subtitles, and
  3. to compose some background music to it.

Here’s the result so far - just the basic slideshow generated by Elusien’s WebVfx “slideshow” feature:

direct link:

I’ll post again when I get time to progress with this project.

I really recommend a visit to - lots of really useful stuff there!! Thanks Neil!

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Did you try the blur filter on motions to reduce artefacts (aliasing)??

Keno40, Unfortunately I didn’t have time to try the blur filter. (I also didn’t have time to reply to this post either, apologies for the delay…) Yes the slideshow video has several interesting Moire effects caused by the sharpness of the photos when zooming, noticeably on the rooftiles of the buildings!

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No, problem man !
Have a good week