Another instructional music video

Just finished, just uploaded - another music instructional play-a-long video. My previous ones were for piano students, but this time it’s for budding flute-players (otherwise known as flutists, or as we say (in a posh way) in the UK - flautists)! Maybe we could just say flootie-tooters! :grin:

Anyway, nothing really different production-wise than my piano ones. Backing tracks were done in Cubase and it’s me playing the live flute. The animated music score is a screen capture (done with ShareX) of MuseScore, free music scoring software.

However I spent a long time working out the keyframing for the opening animated title sequence … and the new(ish) chapter feature in YouTube is really great.


That is some sweet flute playing. I followed it through to YouTube and listened to the whole piece. “Let’s go Latin!” :slightly_smiling_face:

I like the backing track too.

Nice work animating the intro.

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It smelled just like unwrapping a brand new vinyl record :star_struck: (remember that ?)

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Thank you! Glad you liked the “Latin” section!

LOL - I do indeed. They were shrink-wrapped and it was exciting to play them for the first time. In those days you had to 1. Get on the bus, 2. Go into town, 3. Buy the record, 4. Bring it back on the bus, 5. Open it, put it on the record player, 6. Play it. Not quite so instant as these days … :rofl:

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I like both your flute playing, as well as the professional editing on this video! Great job!

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Yay, thanks @stgtravels!

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