Another Color Grading Question

I’ve watched a few tutorials on color grading and have been doing some practice.
However I’ve yet to get the orange/teal look so prevalent in today’s films. I realize the limitations of SC but is it possible to achieve the look in S.C.


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  1. Use a LUT or

  2. Use the Color Grading filter. Push the Shadows toward Teal/Blue. Push the Highlights toward Orange/Yellow

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Thanks Ben,

If you are into TV series,"The Servant " has some awesome color grading.


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Hi @blucoyo
I’ve been looking also for the perfect cinema-like color grading settings and so far I came up with these 6 that I saved as presets. They don’t all work well on EVERY images or videos. Depends on many factors I guess. Cinema06 for example, doesn’t look to good with the image I used here, but it works well elsewhere.

Here are the settings for each one of the presets. Maybe there is one in the lot you can use or edit.

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These adjustments are subjective and based on artistic taste, so the adjustments differ per scene. Unfortunately there is not one universal setting that works for all clips. Most of the time, the Orange & Teal looks is best to make the skin tone pop against the background, so usually best with humans. The video vector scope in fact has a skin tone line you can use as a reference.

Here’s a quick and dirty on how I would try to get that look on 2 images.


Interesting video. During it came to my mind that an option to disable or enable all filters at once (a before-after comparison) would be useful.
I think that could be possible by grouping all those filters inside “mask (whole canvas) - mask: apply”, but I guess that would somehow increase the resource consumption in Shotcut.

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Thanks for the input, Ill try those presets and let you know how they work for me.
It seems video color grading is a bit more complex than still photos in PS.
I’d like to incorporate the two,

R :thinking:

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NIce job Ben,thanks,I dont quite understand the scope yet

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Thank you !!

When you see me use the Video Waveform, I’m trying to adjust exposure. Before I do any color grading, I first make sure I adjust the white balance and exposure. (See my color grading tutorial).

When you see me us the Video vector scope, I’m trying to line up as close to the skin tone line as I can.

Thanks,great tutorial,also like the subject matter… :upside_down_face:

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One of my early tutorials. Don’t forget to subscribe!

I have,question,how would I contact SC developers???

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They’re all here. @shotcut is the head and creator. The usually read all these posts


They are behind this door.


That’s funny,hopefully there is a window somewhere. 😱

Love SC and appreciate the "price " and the work that goes into it. Coming over to video from stills,PS has spoiled me.

Is it possible in a later version to be able to adjust the intensity of LUTs that is applied?

Thanks again,

be well…


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There is a way to group the LUT loader with the opacity using the mask filter as explained in the following link:

You already could

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