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I do not like contributing to forum clutter when there are multiple threads on the topic, but it appears as though threads here automatically lock after 90 days, and I haven’t been able to find a solution within those threads.

I have a video project which has visual elements that overlap a section of the screen I’ve chosen to blur. I could simply resize the box, but doing so exposes a portion of the area I wish to remain blurred. I’ve added a second Mask: Simple Shape to cover the exposed portion, but it turns the rest of the clip black.

I’ve tried applying the filters to a transparent layer below the clip, with no effect applied (although I know this is not the correct position in this situation; it was simply a troubleshooting step I’ve done). I’ve applied the filters to a transparent layer above the clip, but they only appear black or not at all, regardless of how they’re configured.

The included screenshot illustrates my current filter configuration, which appears to most closely resemble the recommended configuration in previous threads on the topic. The “red” mask is set to “Overwrite”, the “yellow” mask is set to “Maximum.”

Edit: Additionally, in one of the previous threads, someone provided an example project of their own with a working example of two blur masks. It includes a filter that I do not seem to possess, labelled “frei0r.IIRblur.” After some quick research on that label, I came to the conclusion that this is a plugin. Everything else in the example project is identical to my current clip’s filters, save for the blur type used. I changed the blur filters on the sample project to match my own, and they functioned in that project as expected. Will I need this plugin to accomplish my goal, or am I missing something in the base application?

Shotcut Ver 22.06.23

Hi @ch1m3r4c0mpl3x

If I understand correctly, you want to blur the entire clip, except a small oddly shaped area in the lower left corner?

First of all, since a couple of versions (including 22.06.23) there a new filter called Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate). You could easily create a mask of any shape you want and use it with he same configuration you currently use:

Mask: Draw
Blur filter
Mask: Apply

By the way, if you want sharp mask edges, I’d use the Blur: Exponential filter instead of the Blur: Box filter.

But if you insist on using two Mask: Simple Shape instead of the Mask: Draw filter, I think Operation should be set to Subtract on both filters.
I don’t have access to my computer right now, so I can’t confirm, but I’m almost sure that’s the way I used to do it.

One other thing. It looks like you have a long clip on V3. It doesn’t show on your preview screen. Is it a transparent clip?

The opposite; I wish for the visible portion in my screenshot to be blurred, while the rest of the clip is clear and unblurred.

I will try this and see what results I end up with.

Subtract for both turns the “red” box black, the “yellow” box clear, and the rest of the clip blurred.

V3 is a transparent clip, yes. In this section of the project, there are no filters active on that layer.

Edit: Adding Mask: Draw seemingly does nothing. I click “New…” and create a filename, and when I click “Save,” nothing seems to happen. I pulled up a tutorial and apparently another application is meant to load once I click “Save?” I’m unsure. If Glaxnimate is a separate application, was it meant to be downloaded separately, or included with the Shotcut installation?

Another Edit: Cheers, it would seem the tutorial I’m viewing is yours, @MusicalBox

Thanks for clearing that up. In that case, Overwrite and Maximum are the correct Operation settings. I don’t understand why you get this black screen though.

No, it comes installed with Shotcut.

Ah! I think it’s a small bug where Shotcut doesn’t add the .rawr extension to the file created. You should add it manually. Example: mymask.rawr

That video is not really a tutorial. More like the recording of my first steps with that new mask filter :slight_smile:

Worked like a charm!

That’s fair. The way my brain is wired, if I’m watching something and I can follow the steps, it reads like a tutorial to me.

Will play around with Glaxnimate and see how it pans out.

I usually give more documented answers here on the forum (screen captures and screen recordings), but it’s hard to do on a tablet :smiley:
I think you’re on the right path though. Don’t worry about cluttering the forum and don’t hesitate if you need more help.

Worked like a charm, thanks a whole bunch!

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You’re welcome!

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