Annoying sound when I cut

Hi there,

I have a problem with cutting video with music. I often hear a sound in a place where it was cutting, even when I replace all the soundtrack after cut and render video material. You can hear it on this wideo: It’s very annoying in quiet music parts.

Any idea what to do with this issue? Or I make some mistake in montage?

Thanks for help!

What is your source file specifications?


What is your video mode set at? (Settings-Video Mode)
Did you export with or without entering the “Advanced” tab?
If you did enter the “Advanced” tab, what did you change?

I use Advanced export and change only Interpolation from Bilinear to Bicubic or Lanczos.
File specifications is the same like at Yr screens.

This could occur if Shotcut has trouble seeking accurately on your source file. As an experiment, create a test project and try converting some source files to “Edit Friendly” and see if the problem still occurs.

I think I solved this problem. For clips with music, I must detach audio paths from source clips and delete them. Then, when I cut video with music, it is alright, I can’t hear any crackle in soundtrack :slight_smile:

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