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It’s been crazy busy being on the front lines of this coronovirus. It’s challenging staying on top of all topics simultaneously. I wanted to thank the developers of shotcut for so generously sharing this software and continually improving it. All that good, hard work is so appreciated.

I’m not sure if these questions are appropriate for this forum but I’d so appreciate your thoughts/suggestions including the proper forum to post the following.

(1). This instructional video appears on the Tinkercad site. imported-STL-in-two

I opened it in shotcut and was promoted to convert it to .mov which I did and then saved it as a different file name. I opened that .mov file and I see the graphic in the “editing” window and I see Pause but I don’t see the word Play anywhere – including under any of the top tabs. I then tried to view the FAQ but it wants to connect to the net. Is there a downloadable FAQ doc I can download to read offline? I work mostly offline. How does one Play a video in shotcut?

(2). When you create an instructional video and upload it to YouTube, it’s my understanding YT either compresses it or forces you to compress it. So, you may have saved that video in high resolution (e.g. 1080p), but it’s no longer at high resolution once you watch that video on YT.

I further understand you can’t change the resolution of that YT video with any YT downloader but there’s software called Handshake that “may” enable you to increase the downloaded YT video resolution to high resolution.

I’ve no experience using Handshake or other open source video transcoder utility.

Has anyone enjoyed success increasing the video resolution of a downloaded YT video using Handshake or other software?

I guess the only other alternative would be to contact the video creator and ask them to upload the video to a site like YouSendIt, provided it fits with the maximum limits of that video sharing site.

(3). Would you please share any document or place where video editing terms are listed with a graph showing g you what that task does? Newbies to any software are faced with what they want to accomplish (or tasks they should learn to do) and what the correct verbiage or nomenclature describes that task in tech terms. A good example is kerneling. If you’re new to graphics you probably don’t know what that means (or it’s not yet part of your vocabulary) so you won’t know to Google “kerneling” when you’re tying to accomplish that task.

Thanks so much.

Go to the Shotcut FAQ wabpage ( using your browser, then “print” it to a PDF. You can then access this PDF in future without having internet access using Adobe Reader.

The software you are talking about is called Handbrake and the process you are describing is called UPSCALING. Upscaling involves analyzing the pixel resolution of the source and, using interpolation “creating” additional pixels or duplicating the pixels to match the number of pixels in the required higher resolution. However upscaling in most instances is not a good idea - this is what the manual says:


The HandBrake GUI’s do not allow upscaling. Most of the time this is a bad idea as it reduces (not increases) the quality of your source file along with increasing the final file size. This is less than ideal. Most of the time, letting the playback device or software upscale to your screen size is much better. You don’t gain anything by upscaling with HandBrake.

In the very rare cases that this is needed, it can be done with the command line interface with the –width and –height options. Typically you would only use this if the software or hardware you’re using has a problematic or broken scaler.

Her is a basic list:

Thank you so much!

Just to get me started, what’s the fastest.easiest way to start playing a video as I don’t see a Start or Play tab?

Just Open the video and the player controls are betwen the player window and the timeline as here:

You might want to have a look at some of the tutorials before jumping in and trying to work things out as you go. See here:

My apologies (and thanks for the tutorials) but is there a specific button or tab to start playing the video? Not that it’s a video editor, but in VLC Media Player there’s a right-pointing arrow you click and it starts playing a video. I’m not sure in shotcut how one gets the video to play just to watch it. Thanks.

to open the video in the source viewer. The video will start playing.
Drag and drop the video on the source viewer and it will start playing.

This is the play /pause button.


Thank you so kindly!

My best to you all through this health crisis.

Thank you so much.

Crazy question? If I’ve downloaded a video tutorial (e.g. from You Tube, elsewhere) and the url is not disp0layed in the video as I play it is there a way or tool I can use to ascertain the url of where that video originated on the net? Thank you!

Not that I know of. If the video has a title displayed you might get lucky if you try to Google it. You could try analysing it with mediainfo ( and see if anything is stored in the metadata, though I doubt it.

Thanks for those thoughts. It would be a cool app to invent! :slight_smile:

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