Animation in wrong places when i export my project


This is my second time using Shotcut and this time i tried to add a picture that would follow a face , so a added a little movement to it. It works pretty fine when i run my project, the picture
movement follows what i want really well. But when i exported my final project (Mp4) and watched it i realized that that movement was in a wrong place, like few inches to the right. But when i see it on my project it is fine. Am i doing something wrong when i export?

My Settings : Intel i7 6700k , 16GB Ram , Gforce 2070 RTX Super.
Shortcut Version: 20.04.12

Kind Regards, John

When you preview in the project, could it be that you’re viewing a smaller sized preview and missing the issue? What happens if you preview at 100% or zoom in ?

Or is the movement completely different that what is shown in the preview

This happens sometimes when using Preview Scaling especially with Rotate and Scale filter. That is the only thing I know about. Also, I suggest that you not change the resolution in Export > Video.

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I actually used the rotate/scale to shrink the image. Wht can i do to fix that? What format do you reccommend to export?

The movement is the same. Just starts in very different place.

Turn off preview scaling and correct it in the project.

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I think this made the trick. Now it is misplaced like i see on final video (after exporting). Already fix it , and i´m exporting again. Thank you very much!

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