Animating a ball to move in a circle

Hello Shotcut community,

I really hope someone can offer a solution.

I’m trying to produce a ball that moves in a cicular motion around the screen.

Is there a quicker and/or better way other than using Size & Position, then Keyframes (smooth), moving the ball a little bit at a time?

Use the Rotate & Scale filter with keyframes.
First frame : Rotation 0.00 deg
Last frame: Rotation 360.0 deg
I applied an offset on Y for 370


Cool! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks Hudson555x! Very much appreciated!

I’ll give it a try.

Worked perfectly!

Thank you so much, Hudson555x.

You have saved me hours of work!


Update for Shotcut Version 20.09.13
The Rotate & Scale filter is merged with Size & Position to Size, Position & Rotate.

You need to use two (2) Size, Position & Rotate filters. Order is specific.

  • 1st (top) Size, Position & Rotate filter setting:
    Position: -450, 0
    Leave all other settings at default
    No Keyframes

  • 2nd Size, Position & Rotate filter settings:
    Keyframes on Rotation
    First frame at 0.0 °
    Last frame at 360.0 °
    Leave all other settings at default


Hi Hudson555x,
It’s like you have a crystal ball and knew I would be back after the merging of size, position and rotate.

I tried to figure it out but it is baffling my brains (not difficult to do).

Here is a screen shot of my starting point. But as soon as I go to add another, my ball gets squished and am not sure what is happening or what I should do from here. My settings are different from yours from the very get go, so following your instructions were not possible.

Here’s what happens when I add another size,position and rotate filter

What am I doing wrong?
Just to clarify, I import two images, one of the ball - which needs scaling down, and the second is an image of the path for the ball to follow. Is the problem because I have already scaled the ball down before the first step in your instructions?

Didn’t try it with an actual image, as i just used a color and the Crop:Circle.

I got the same thing you did, and not sure if it’s a bug.
Perhaps the advanced users in here can explain why this happens.

I had to use the distort on the 2nd filter, and reset size (resets to video mode)
Source image size : 816x816
Video Mode 1920x1080 (1080p)

There are some problems with the Size, Position & Rotate filter along these lines that I am working on a fix for the 20.10 beta.

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