Animated "spin effect" Photo slideshow

Hi folks, in a tutorial video I’m just working on I wanted to have a section showing a summary of the steps involved so I hit upon the idea of creating an animated slideshow of photos (screenshots of the steps I took in Shotcut).

Anyway, that’s not the focus of this post - what happened was that I designed the slideshow using HTML in which ANY collection of photos can be made to spin in and out in what I think is a really cool effect. Also the HTML/CSS code automatically gives each photo a white border. It’s just occured to me that this might be really useful for users in general.

So I’m sharing the files I used here. I’ve included two HTML files - one works in a browser by double-clicking on it, but it won’t work in Shotcut. So I used @elusien’s CSS converter system to convert it for use with the text:HTML filter in Shotcut.

The enclosed zip contains all the photos I used in my demo slideshow, but you can replace them with your own photos. Just change the names of your photos in the HTML code and make sure they’re in the same folder.

PS the text was also created with text:HTML using mine and @elusien’s “Flip -Spin” animated text system. We’ve actually been corroborating behind the scenes over the last few weeks and @elusien has provided some coding which has made these text effects really SUPER-USER-FRIENDLY. I’ll be posting about this very shortly to announce “Flip-Spin Text version 2.0” (!).

I’ve said it again but boy, I’m really going to miss the text:HTML filter and WebVfx capabilities of Shotcut when it goes !!! I tried recording this HTML slideshow using OBS and also ShareX but nothing comes close to using Shotcut. As far as I know, I mean nothing - even paid-for apps.


Me too.
Just keep a copy of an old version.
Over time, have created a collection of html effects that use WebVfx that I often use, so not letting go that easily.

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