Animated Particle & Line Text without using an SVG editor

Some people may be put off using SVG files for animating text such as you can see above because of a reluctance to use an SVG editor like Inkscape. I have created a method that does away with the need for such an editor, so why not try it out? For instructions see:


Hey @Elusien
Thank you so much for the resource.
I just have a small obstacle here.
I am not sure how to use this.
Could you help me with this.
Thank you.


It is fairly simple really. Just download one (or both) of these 2 HTML files from my website,:

Particle_Text.html Line_Text.html

Go to the following website to type your text and style it (e.g. use a different Google font).

Copy the SVC source code produced and replace the one in my file with it.
View the resulting HTML file in a browser and record it (e.g. with a screen recorder like Sharex).

See my webpage for a more detailed description (especially of the parameters you can change to tailor the animation.


Ohhh thanks.
Let me check it out.


@elusien, I hadn’t realised this was a new utility, I thought it was the svg path animation tool again.

It’s brilliant! So clever, I’ll use it lots! Thank you!!

Effectively it IS the same, with a few tweaks. The javascript code is (almost) identical. My main reason for doing it was to cut out the need to use an SVG editor (Inkscape, Illustrator, Intaglio…).

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I can’t quite express just how BRILLIANT THIS IS!!

:grin: :rofl:
Quick, easy, effective. Just fantastic.
PS I got the reverse effect (the paths disappearing) at the end easily - copied the clip, Properties, reverse, double-click the blue bar, cut off the beginning.

PPS there’s another small typo:
Instruction 2 says “Got to” - should be “Go to” …


I shall be waiting for the telegram from the queen with expectation. There are two typos of people in this world - those who notice spelling mistakes, and those who don’t. Websight foxed.


“Arise, Sir Elusien”. Sounds rather good, I think. :+1: :heart_eyes:

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