Animated logo

Is it possible to make an animated logo on shotcut?

If you are using keyframe to just move it, mask it, etc. within in 2D movement then shotcut is able to animate logo, But If you are talking about 3D animation then it is not possible.

Can you describe what sort of animated logo you are trying to create?

I used to use the Text:HTML filter that was available in Shotcut v20.07.11 for creating such logos, but this filter had to be abandoned when Shotcut was updated last year. I now use OBS Studio instead for recording HTML/CSS animations. Here’s one I created last year:

I just want two things to revolve around each other.
A rotating ball in the centre and words encircling the ball

When you say rotating and encircling, do you mean like a dial, i.e. all the text is always visible, or like a spinning top, where the text appears from behind the spinning ball and then disappears behind it?

Also is the ball spinning, like a top or rotating like a dial?

Yes, You can do it in shotcut.

So for moving the two images use size, position and rotate filter with enabling position keyframing.

And to encircle the text, I am not sure you can do it in shotcut or not, But you can create that easily in gimp and then you can enable rotation keyframe (if you want it to rotate around the ball).

And for the rotating ball You can use size, position and rotate filter and enable rotation keyframe to rotate it (If in 2d motion) or you can simply use blender to rotate the ball in 3d motion.

Text is always visible. Although text appearing and disappearing sounds good

Thanks, I will try to do that

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