Ancient and Wild Salento

this project is a videos collage taken with different kind of camera.
Very easy to do with Shotcut.

Thanks to Shotcut team.


That’s really beautiful! :star_struck:Maybe you can also try to change the ratio and layout of the three screens. It might be interesting.


I’m open to any suggestion.
I’m not a professional graphical designer.
Thank you in advance.

Beautiful scenery!

If @SallySunny is thinking the same thing that I am, the idea would be to occasionally enlarge the upper-right camera to full-screen so we can get a better view of the drone footage. A drone is far enough away from its subjects that subjects appear small to begin with. Putting the drone video in a quarter of the screen makes objects even smaller. Since I was not at this beautiful location to see it with you at the time of filming, my brain is unable to fill in the details like yours can. The occasional full-screen enlargement (animated resizing) would do more justice to your great drone footage and let the audience see more detail.

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I agree this would make the video even more interesting.

The first complicated project I made with Shotcut a couple of years ago was trying to recreate the opening credits of the TV series Parks & Recreation with clips from the other series The Orville. It took me almost a week to do it, but I learned a ton about keyframes and the Size and Position filter.


Comparing your project with my project…no I can’t compare.
I agree with you that it will take me a lot of time, but the result …

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It took me a long time partly because of my inexperience at the time, but also because there are a lot of clip movements. You won’t need to do as much layout changes in your videos.

:+1: I’ll try as soon as I find the time.

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