An old GTA V clip

I had an old, low quality (I didn’t know that I can change recording resolution at that time) screen recording of GTA V and I created this with the help of shotcut.

How is this looking for a 360p footage

How is this looking for a 360p footage
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I am currently restoring my family video films (VHS-C 720 x 576 that I digitised years ago with a home DVDR recorder before the VHS-C tapes went bad).
Without detracting from the work that Shotcut does, for resizing I tried Waifu2X which is quite acceptable for illustrations and computer graphics.
This is AI based and free. There is even a GUI that works on W10.
Another feature I tried for those 15FPS videos from my first digital camera recording video is RIFE interpolation which is an option in the Waifu2X GUI.

For my family recordings I am combining the power of other AI based software because it is for very specific use and with poor quality material and sometimes a lot of noise.

The final editing is done in Shotcut (white balance, colour adjustment, transitions, etc) to have those memories in a format that I can share and view on devices without compatibility issues. And the master files are well saved.

I checked out Waifu2x but the size limit is 5 mb and it even does not support mp4, My clip is 12 mb and it is mp4, So for me it is of no use. Thanks for finding an video upscaler.

Of course, if you use Waifu2X via the web, there are some limitations.
This is not my case. I tested Waifu2X on my PC with a compatible GPU.
And yes, I was able to use Waifu with mp4.
The GUI process extracts each frame and stores it in a temporary folder. Then it does the rescaling and noise reduction.
Finally, it packs everything back into a video file.
It can also double or triple FPS and can even do audio noise reduction (although I didn’t try that option).
But to run that on the computer you need a compatible GPU.
The GUI itself checks compatibility.

I still have GTA V installed on my pc and now I know how to get the best resolutions, You don’t need to suggest anything wasting your time, I could do the screen recording again.

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