An Audio Bug - An Audio Clip Not Working

Hi guys. I was editing sound, when all of a sudden one singular clip of sound stopped working. The sound just didn’t play as normal. I think it happened when I cut a tiny bit of the sound clip and the program just thought I cut off the whole clip or something. I have no idea exactly what happened. I’ve been trying to make it work for the past ten minutes, deleting and pasting back the track… still nothing. Can someone help me please?

Can you share a screenshot with us that shows Shotcut, the audio clip, and the audio clip properties? Maybe someone will see a clue.

Sure. But before that I would like to ask if Shotcut supports the m4a format, because I didn’t use the converted clip… Maybe that’s the problem

Yes. Shotcut supports the M4A container format. Here is a screenshot of it working.

As a test, you can download this file to see for yourself:

But M4A can contain different things and maybe there is something about your file that Shotcut does not expect.

Can you share a screenshot?