An 3D animation for Shotcut with video editing in Shotcut

Hey @shotcut, I made this for you with my learner skills of 3D and professional skills of editing the whole video in shotcut But I can’t find any sound effects for this.

HD Version

4K Version

Hope you like my beginner skill of 3D.

Well video is looking bad not because of video editing but because of my 3D architecture.

How is this one? I made this again.

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@shotcut, If you like adding sound effects, so then also send me so I can hear and see how it feels with sound effect. But its your choice you wish to add or not

  • You will add sound effects.
  • You will not add sound effects.

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This pole is only for @shotcut

It would look much better on a pale background @Ar_D. As it is, I can barely se the logo :roll_eyes:

Thanks, but I am not sure what you expect me to do with this. To be brutally honest, I do not like it because
a) The logo is incorrect. There should be no gray line in the middle; it should be transparent. See The only place that appears as light gray is special situations like the forum and the website browser icon where I want to ensure the separation appears regardless of the background color of the theme.
b) It is helpful to be able to see the black borders, and that gets lost on a black background.
c) The blue color is very important and not apparent due to your lighting.

Ok I will again make this on a better scale and I already told you I am beginner in 3D so never expect industry standard ones from me.

Well I think I need to practice in 3D much more it will take me 5 more months to see how to make better videos.

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