AMV effects in shotcut

hello every1 /sorry for my bad english/
i want to start doing AMVs using shotcut but there a lot of questions bcz i searching for a “flashing” filter (a black screen who apear and hide rly fast in synchro with the mysic bass drop…rly simple and cool effect) i searched for something like that but find only “old film projector” who who is totally uneditable.
Also i rly cant understand how “keyframes” work on shotcut and i cant understand how and where i can find and use a transitions.

For keyframes I suggest you these videos:
& (If you do not have much experience, I recommend you watch the entire series of Mr. Eko.)
There are some filters concerning audio like Audio Dance Visualization and Audio Light Visualization. If your video and audio tracks are separate, you have to export them as a video to get any effect.

thx…i tried audio dance but its kinda mess bcz for some reason the filter respund not only to music but to lyrics as well…do you know how i can make filter more acurate?

In that case you need a separate vocal and instrumental part since this filter is just using the audio track. There is no detection of vocals.
Is there any video editing software with this flashing like effect/filter? I searched for some tutorials on creating an AMV and did not see anyone using such an effect. I rather got the feeling that this was done manually. For example in this video:

For transitions, you cut a video track and move it on top of the other part. The transition will be a crossfade and to change it you click on it and select the properties panel. If you need additional ones, you can use GL transitions: The filter you have to use is called Overlay HTML in the instructions but it was renamed to Text: HTML.

You can try to use the Notch audio filter to reduce the level of the middle frequencies where the human voice lives. Since you want to keep the original music with lyrics as-as, you need to make this change with the audio visualization filter and export (consider using an intermediate or lossless preset). Then, use the export result in a new project to restore the original audio.

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