American Badass [The Undertaker]

Hello again fellow Shotcutters,

AJ here with another Made with Shotcut video. I’ve had this idea sitting on my laptop for some time now. I finally had some time to work on it so here it is: Pro Wrestling Vocal Cover x “American Badass” x AVENUENIGHTS [The Undertaker]”

In Shotcut, I tend to work backwards. For this one, I created 3 project files. The first project file houses all of the overlay effects along with some custom graphics I made for the bridge of the song.

The second project file, is for edited clips of The Undertaker and the American flag treatment. I’m using Filter Mask:Simple Shape for the American flag bottom overlay.

Finally, the third project file is where all the rendered video files live along with the intro and outro for the final cut. In addition, I made two other project files for rendering the final video to Twitter and Instagram resolution requirements.

Overall, I’m very happy with how this one came out.

If any of you fellow Shotcutters have questions about Shotcut or want to collab on future YT projects - feel free to say “Hi.” Thanks for watching and keep on Shotcutting!




Well done!
Love the editing.
That Undertaker was quite a character. I saw him in person when the WWF (I think it was still called like that back then) came to Québec city in… hmm 1995? 1996? not sure.
He walked right in front of me on his way to the ring. I never feel small usually. But that time, I did :roll_eyes: :smile:

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Thank you! Yea I love the American Bad Ass character. So bummed I didn’t get a chance to see him live. Wow, what a moment for you! Was that his Deadman persona?

@AVENUENIGHTS - although I am more of a fan of gentle flute music than Bad Ass loud stuff (!) I am a BIG fan of your Shotcut editing! Great work - never a dull moment. Brilliant effects! And your singing is - perfect!! :grin:

Well done, and I appreciate you took time to explain some tips as to how you produced it in Shotcut. Thank you!

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I’m not 100% sure. I don’t remember seeing Paul Bearer. So it was either the Deadman era (1994–1996) or the Lord of Darkness era (1996–1998).
Probably the Lord of Darkness era. I think I would have noticed (an remembered) if Bearer had been there.

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Thank you! Honestly, I have this community to thank for the editing. You’re all so knowledgeable, resourceful, and much more technical than I am. I really appreciate the help, over the years.

Yes. I’m really trying to break down my process when I post. Hopefully, it helps other Shotcutters on their Shotcut journey.

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“Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss!” Pretty sure you would remember seeing Paul Bearer or the urn for that matter. :wink:

RIP Paul :headstone:

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Excellent. Wish more posters would do it! I pick up so many new things from these type of posts. Often quite simple things that I’d never have thought of doing! :smile:

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Look what I found while going trough old boxes

So it was 1996 after all.
Weird thing is, I can’t find the complete list of fights for that event.
The archives I found only mention two fights in Québec city on August 3

But I found mentions of The Undertaker fights in Montréal on August 2 and in Ottawa on August 4.
And I’m sure he was here in Québec city on the 3rd.


Nice find!

I wonder if tickets are still 22$ in 2022 :grin:

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For the WWE Sunday Stunner, Sun • Aug 21 • 7:00 PM at Centre Videotron, Québec, QC Ticketmaster is selling them at between CA $31 and CA $714. For the higher price you get a wrestler in your lap if he gets thrown over the ropes.

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If the wrestler falling on my lap is Sasha Banks, I guess paying $700 for the ticket wouldn’t be all bad :slight_smile:


:rofl: one can dream

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