Alternatives to the (rectangle) select and bucket fill tools in Gimp?

I asked about a general video editor alternative to Gimp some months ago, but didn’t start editing until now. My needs are extremely basic — I generally only have cover my username and other personal information in screen-recorded videos. Finding a suitable tool hasn’t been an easy task when video editors such as Openshot and Filmora don’t even directly allow saving the video in the original format and aspect ratio, with the latter only giving five presets (custom, 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 9:16). I’ve recorded a lot on my mobile phone and preserving its uncommon aspect ratio is vital. Shotcut fortunately maintains the original resolution (i.e. aspect ratio) and frame rate, but I haven’t yet found the selection and editing tools I’m looking for.

Additionally a “color picker” is an useful tool to have.

You need to try harder before asking people to hold your hand. There is a paid course you might be interested in:

This is already available wherever a color parameter is available. This video editor is not like an image editor where you can simply start using drawing tools to modify the image. You need to choose appropriate filters. There are already instructions here (forum) and elsewhere (YouTube) about how to use the Mask filters to obscure visual information.

Obviously you haven’t even tried Shotcut yet.


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