Also Broken Hearts


for those, who are already waiting, for those who are new…
A new video of mine, made with Shotcut, is online on Youtube!

Also Broken Hearts

Parts of that video are currently the limit<?> of what is (for me) doable with Shotcut by performance in the editor. In places 6 tracks, each part with up to 4 filters! It needs a special management…! :smile:

Enjoy and
'til then…

Best regards


It is like video art. :sunglasses:

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Keep doing these trippy, experimental videos. Not only are they entertaining but they help test out Shotcut and allow you to find bugs and other ways it could be improved. :wink:

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For sure! :smile:
And, yes, I think it is a good combination. :smile:

----------- EDIT -----------------

I thought a bit about the word “experimental” … :slight_smile:
If I’m talking e.g. about six layers (tracks), then it is the result, of what the video has become.
It needs partial six layers, not two, not five…, six.
And this I’m not doing because of testing, what the limit of Shotcut is. I’m doing it, for a video of mine.
And in my opinion, that is not “experimental”, because I know exactly what the result is, with the possibilities of Shotcut.
But, of course, the more I know about the possibilities of Shotcut, for sure the different are the technical goals.

That’s not what I meant by “experimental”. I meant it in terms of “experimental film”. :slight_smile:

Experimental film , experimental cinema or avant-garde cinema is a mode of filmmaking that rigorously re-evaluates cinematic conventions and explores non-narrative forms and alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working.



thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile:
The next video will probably fully meet the requirements. :wink:

'Til then :slight_smile:

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