Alpha not working from RGBs

Shotcut is version 19.12.16
OS Windows 10 pro
i5 8700 16GB RAM
I’m doing some editing on a video and I’ve come across this:

Despite the fact that it was working perfectly fine earlier, shotcut is no longer detecting alpha layers from the same PNG. It was working perfectly earlier but now is either fully black or has a weird messy white middle. The image on the video tracks still shows it as being transparent though

I suspect your PNG is doesn’t have an alpha layer.

If it does have an alpha layer, I can’t duplicate the issue.

Current version

Older version that you are using.

As shown in the Windows 10 file explorer preview pane.

Another example

By adding the Alpha Channel : View either to the video track or clip, I’m able to force what you have shown.

The PNG does have an alpha layer as I was using it fine earlier… I dont know why its changed suddenly

Can you post your PNG file here? I’ll try it.
You haven’t provided any other information to help at this point.

It was working on the first part of the project here:

but now

Despite the fact that the image is exactly the same file.

Can’t duplicate the issue… works great for me.

I even remade the image and this is how it came out could it have something to do with the bluron the edge?

I think I may have figured out the problem.
Upgrade to current version for the fix.
You’re using an unstable version.
There is nothing on V1.

Current version.


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