Allow multiple one-time only filters

It should be possible to add multiple one-time only filters but have only one of them at most active at a time. That allows, for example, to add two instances of the “Crop Source” filter with different parameters before starting to split a track, and then just enable the correct filter for one of multiple possible crop regions without having to reenter parameters all the time.

Also the discoverability of the only-once behavior would seem to be better if the other filter is flipped off when the new filter is added/selected. I feel that this would be more obvious in conveying the restriction than ignoring the “add filter” button.

Took me a few minutes before realizing you mean the filters that we can only add once on a clip.
Seems obvious now, but… oh well

One possible workaround: Create multiple custom presets for the Crop: Source filter.

  • Add one Crop: Source filter at the beginning of the clip.
  • Use the preset with the settings you need.
  • Split the clip
  • Use another preset for the next clip.
  • etc…


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Well, this helps and I’ll readily admit that it didn’t occur to me. It does feel like a workaround and may lead to a proliferation of presets that may only be relevent for a particular source video. Personally I prefer it when obvious workflows work, even if there is a comparatively manageable workaround that skilled users might think of.

I didn’t suggest that your idea is bad.
In fact, a few times in the past I had to do almost the same thing you describe in your post.
For me, the obvious workflow was to use this presets method. Creating a preset doesn’t take much more time than adding a second Crop: Source filter with different settings in the filters list.
And to avoid cluttering the presets list with one-time presets, when the project is done I simply delete them.