Allow customer layout to restore on program start

On each program start I need to repeat either adjusting the size pf panels, or got to Menu > View > Layout > [my own customer layout]. Suggestion: Allow one or two of customer layouts to be added to the 6 existing layout selection buttons (above the preview panel). This will give 2 advantages a) less clicking than thru the menu, b) will be restored after program start, same as the other options.

I doubt this will happen. You can already customize all 6 layouts, and each layout is saved as well as the last one used. The only time a layout is not saved is upon a crash including a crash on exit.

I can not manage to save customized design. I usually drag the timeline broader, and I have to repeat this each time, after normal program closure. Or am I missing some trick? (In Menu>View>Layout, I only find the optoin “add”).

P.S: to clarify:
I can customize all 6 layouts, but customized panel size is is not saved. (Windows 8.1).
Only with the option “add” the modification stays saved, recallable only via Menu.