All the text aren't available

I moved my file, all the clips. From lap to computer. Even downloaded new software in the computer.
Now after opening the project file which is now given a name repaired. So i am seeing there’s not all the text available here

did you also recover your mlt file?

Do you mean that some fonts are missing?

Shotcut uses the fonts that are installed on the computer.

Say for example that you created a project on your laptop and used the Segoe font in a Text filter. If Segoe is not installed on the new computer, Shotcut will not find it and will use another font instead.

Yes the current file

So i have to start from the 1st install…

I don’t know what you mean by that ↑

All you need to do is install the missing fonts on your new computer.

you need to copy/install fonts files from lap to new computer or download from internet and install