All of a sudden I can't use Shotcut - only says "not responding" on two computers"

Hello Shotcut

I last used Shotcut in the end of December, and it worked fine - except it complained (as usual) during export because of too little RAM (only 4 GB), but it still worked.

Now, I can’t edit at all. It takes forever to make an operation, and the program says “not responding”. I tried another computer with 8 GB ram, and the same happens there … I tried follow Dan’s suggestion on how to minimize the memory during editing, but it doesn’t change much.

Even though my computer has little ram, editing has hardly been a problem, so why this sudden change, also on the 8 GB ram computer? Since I used the program last time, I have downloaded .NET 5.0.0. and .NET 5:0.0.13 on both computers - can that have something to do with it?

I am very grateful for answers, as this is very frustrating! Do I simply have to upgrade to 16 GB ram?

Kind regards,
Ingunn Borren

Do you keep trying to the same existing project when encountering this problem? Maybe you have a heavy project for your resources. What happens when you try to make a new simple project in like 720p?

Hello Dan, thank your for your reply. It’s the same length as normal 1 hour and 20 minutes, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. I’ve always used “Automatic” - and even with little ram it has worked fine, so I really don’t get this change from some weeks ago. I will try using 720p though. Kind regards, Ingunn :slight_smile:

Long videos generally do not work well in the timeline, and you can disable waveforms and optionally thumbnails to improve that. If your source is long, but you are using a small subset of the clip, then it is faster to trim your shots to include in the Source player before adding them to the timeline. Otherwise, I am not sure why the sudden slowdown but I doubt it is due to .NET since we do not use that. First thing I suggest is to reboot.

Hello, thank you for your answer! Kind regards, Ingunn :slight_smile:

Hello again Dan, I was readling though this post Shotcut is maxing out my 16GB RAM and freezing - #3 by l.madanat - would you recommend I download the newest version of Shotcut? It says Shotcut version 21.03.21, I reckon that is last time I downlet it, meaning date.

I also thought about that there has been quite a few Windows updates lately - it might explain something regarding “the sudden change”. I read “Windows 10 users need at least 16GB of RAM to keep things running smoothly”. So, with my 4 GB … seems like I need to upgrade,


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