All AppImages are broken (refuse to load any Video Files) on all Linux versions with fresh Kernel Updates!

What is your operating system?
Manjaro Linux

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?
22.12.21 (AppImage) 23.07.29 (Official Manjaro Repo) 23.09.29(AppImage)

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?

It’s no longer possible to open a Video File in AppImage, but its possible to it with 23.07.29 (Official Manjaro Repo).

I also see a neighbour Topic (Shotcut fails to load any video file) with the same issue, but Topic is unprecise because this bug is only related to AppImages and not a general shotcut problem, thats why i openend this new Topic.

I also wonder why the developer only said to use Flatpak now,
are AppImages Abandonded actually?

In addition 23.07.29 has also a broken filter, that was working few versions before this filter combination is broken:

Mask: Simple Shape
Blur: Box
Mask: Apply

I always rely on this filters to cut out, watermarks or other stuff and its no longer possible to use, the Blur Box ignores the Mask now and Blur the Full Video at the moment or is this fixed already with the newest version?

Duplicate of

No, but they work fine for me and many others. Something new in very new versions of some Linux distributions is breaking it. I think OpenSuse and Ubuntu 23.10 users reported something too. But I highly doubt it is related to kernel version. More likely a common library changed to a version that is no longer backwards compatible. Maybe someone besides just myself who cares and is intelligent enough will figure it out. Flatpak is an alternative and probably the better one now.

23.07.29 has also a broken filter,

That is probably because Manjaro is using the wrong MLT version, and our change to add an alpha option to the Box: Blur filter was done in a backwards compatible manner. I do not maintain packages for any distribution.

See also

I removed from the portable and now it works on Ubuntu 23.10. I need to exclude this lib from the app bundle. Can you try it please?

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That would be very unfortunate. Besides the need to download gigs of flatpak “ecosystem” on each machine, you also loose portable mode which flatpak still does not support. Flatpak is more of another useless package manager (as if 3 is not enough, none of which is 100% working), rather than a proper portable app container.

See the original thread for resolution.

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Yeah its working on Manjaro also, thanks alot for your support here :slight_smile:

After all that hassle that i had with that newer versions from shotcut (wobbly/unprecise audio playback from newer versions and now this broken blur filters, almost let me regret to support this project, but atleast i can still use the older but perfect and flawless 22.12.21 (AppImage) version again and im fine with that. i just hope im not running in a dead end anytime but you make it running today again, so many thanks :hugs: