Align the same subject captured in different videos

Hi everyone,
I’m filming with a drone the construction of a house (one shot every two or three days) to create a time-lapse video.
Obviously, the camera position is not always the same, even though I’ve tried to position the drone in more or less the same spot each time using ground references.
I was wondering if there is a way in Shotcut to automatically align the videos so that the subject (the house) is as close to the same position as possible.
If it’s not possible in Shotcut, could you please recommend some open-source software that can do this?

There could be place on the house that has contrast, like a black chimney hole, or anything like that. You can track the motion of it, and paste it to the size position filter, it basically stabilizes the footage on that spot. Repeat for other videos, there you have the result.

Warning:- I have never tried this in shotcut, but usually this method works on after effects, hitfilm, etc. So believe it would also be the same for shotcut. There’s no assurity by my side of how will the size position filter work, you might need to adjust the zoom, or use 2 spr filters.

Probably both blender and natron are capable of doing it, both are open source.

You would obviously notice a difference if the angles of drone are slightly tilted up or down.

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Thank you.
Unfortunately, reviewing the various clips, I fear that the differences in the shots are excessive.
But I will keep your suggestions for subsequent shootings.
I realize that to make a vudeo of this type you need to plan well. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

You wouldn’t have to do anything mostly, but zoom. And yeah, you still have to track each clip, it’s reducing the time of only manually keyframing the movement.
That is the part you might have to adjust manually for each clip, however a set amount of zoom that hides all black areas in all clips is way better, it might depend on what your footage needs, but generally 175% is fine.

Hi @vimo58 , just an idea - might work or not:
Place one video on track V1 as a reference.
On V2 place another video and apply an opacity filter, and a size, position and rotate filter.
You can then see through the top video and you may be able to move it around (or zoom it) to align the house, visually.
When done, remove the opacity filter, and position wherever you want on the timeline… Do this for each video.
May work!

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