AJA Video capture questions

I know shotcut supports video capture at least using the blackmagic cards(which I don’t own unfortunatly) I currently own a AJA I/O express that I use for capturing video from small pc’s when doing review on them however shotcut does not see the I/O express. I understand that these are different devices and have different drivers however I’m curious what would be required to allow shotcut to see the AJA hardware as well especially with them having devices like the KONA HDMI and the portable IO devices.

Someone would have to write an AJA module for the underlying MLT framework that Shotcut uses. The module would have to interact with the AJA card drivers to receive the video and convert it to the format that Shotcut requires.

I already investigated this, and Aja’s SDK cannot be used with open source. I actually communicated with people at Aja about and not just here-say.

Fair enough, I was starting to dig into their SDK and that explains why it wasn’t added, I guess my next capture card will be a black magic card then(I need to upgrade that can handle one 4k anyway)

Hey @shotcut any experience with the elgato cards? there is a (small) chance I may end up with one as a review sample, supposedly they share their chipset with the magewell 4k cards as well.

No experience with Elgato, but quite likely those may be supported through the standard OS APIs.

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