After the update, the audio level meter is set differently I LUFS

I have currently updated the version to 24.01.28 and am missing a display for LUFS in the graphs for the audio level meter. Or am I just imagining the whole thing and L: what is output in dBFS is LUFS ? How should you actually set the LUFS values? I was taught at the time that you should make videos for YT with -30 LUFS, only the day before yesterday someone kindly said why I have my videos so quiet. He said you use -15 LUFS for YT ?

Nothing changed in recent versions that automatically removes the scope from your layout. You need to turn it on in the menu: View > Scopes > Audio Loudness (in the English UI). Or maybe switch to the Audio layout using the quick switcher at the top right of the window. What you are showing in your screenshot is the Peak Meter, which is a little different.

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Perhaps you already have the scope on your layout. Guessing from the partial screenshot, you may have to click on the tab to make it active.


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It was exactly the window. I didn’t have it anymore and didn’t know what it was. Thanks for the answer it helped me. :smile:

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