After Importing a League of Legends Video, mouse Cursor is disappeared

I have a question concerning importing Lets PLays into Shotcut.

When I import a League of Legends video (recorded WITH mouse cursor), the cursor disappears in the preview window and is not visible in the rendered video as well. In the not rendered, original version, I can see the cursor.

Recording programme: Action!

Is there any solution to this problem? I could not find anything in the settings.

Thank you very much,
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I think this is probably a coincidence due to a couple of things. One, if the software you’re recording with isn’t using a cursor tracker, meaning something that exaggerates the size and shape of your cursor, it can be kind of small to begin with. I think in a lot of higher end screen capturing software there is an option for this, if not you can download one separately.

Second, if you’re recording at a very high resolution, but you’re exporting at a lower resolution over again or you’re compressing the quality significantly you might lose view of the cursor. (Due to image scaling) I would recommend checking some export settings other than default, and to keep quality as high as possible (This means longer export time though)

Thanks a lot for the answer.
I think it might be rather the first point, because the cursor is already disappeared after importing the video into shotcut. Its not only after the exporting.
My Recording Software is “Action!” and the setting “record mouse cursor” is on, but the option “highlight Cursor” is off. I thought it just means that it should record a “circle” or sth around the cursor to highlight it. In addition, importing the video into the cutting programme “lightworks”, seems to work. However, I would highly prefer to use shotcut.
BTW, in other games, there are no problems like this.

So maybe I will play around with some settings in the recording software.
Thanks a lot!

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