After exporting the project no video only audio

I need anyone’s expert advise how to restore to default settings the export set-up in advance and configure settings.

As I was trying to export my project, only the audio is coming out no video.

Please help me. thanks.

This is usually caused by the use of Hardware Encoder (GPU) with Export settings that GPU or its drivers do not support.

The simplest solution in such cases is to un-check Enable hardware encoding in the Export:Video window.


It worked. your a blessing and a genius.

Thank you and stay safe. God Bless.

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To fully restore everything, a new project must be started.
(One should always be in the habit of checking the Video Mode before starting a new project.)

Set the video mode to what you intend to use for Export.
(You will not be limited to this on Export, however, exporting to the same parameters present during editing prevents many different possible problems.)
This is especially important if you intend to Export using your GPU.

When setting the Video Mode, do not set to “Automatic” unless in every project every original file will have the same screen format and the same framerate, and that is the size and framerate you will use for export.

Then begin your new project, drag files to the playlist. edit. etc.

When you a ready to Export, Open the Export window, select the Export Mode (Preset) that is the same as your preselected Video Mode, and click on it.

Proceed with the Export.

Your Shotcut will now (as long as you don’t change any of these settings) be set to default to your usual editing and exporting mode.

This is NOThow everyone must do it every time”.
Nor even “should do it”.

This is how to play safe and avoid surprises. :grinning:

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@kAiNsO, if you follow the above procedure, you will probably be able to use your GPU for Export.

Exporting with a GPU is usually faster, but usually produces larger files.

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I do appreciate so much. Thank you.

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although this is heavy technical staff for me, but having this ( and I bookmarked it already) will and can guide me for my future editing projects.

This means a lot to me.


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