After Effects/3D Camera substitution in Shotcut

Hi all ! My first post here, but reading/learning a lot from all posts and helpful tips for a long time.

After trying some attempts to achieve this I need to ask more experienced users. I’m a software developer and i’m trying to create some explanatory videos for my app. I’ve seen Audacity (for example) videos with great looking effects displaying the application screens.

This can be seen here: Audacity 3.2 - Real-Time Effects and Free Cloud Sharing - YouTube (from 0:49 for example). The effect with the out-of-focus, camera movement. I’ve asked the author of the video how this can be done and he pointed me to After Effects/3D Camera (function/plugin?). Of course I would love to do it in Shotcut :slight_smile: How this can be done in most effectively way ?

Thanks for all tips !

This is a simplified way to create such an effect. If you spend a little more time, you can keyframe the Corner Pin filter to completely recreate the effect from your video.

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I too have been watching this forum for a few years and have used AE/3D and it’s plugins.

As far as I know at the moment, Shotcut doesn’t support plugins. It also doesn’t have 3D camera facilities like AE (although there are numerous capabilities in Qt do do it if it was needed).

You can do some of the effects like the focus blur at the moment but the Filters all have different names and you have to spend some time going through to work out which ones match up with Industry Terminology as the names can often be quite different in Shotcut.

Most of those “high-level” effects have to be self-constructed from low-level primitives as far as I know, I could be wrong.

So if you are looking for something like a “Best of 2023 Visual Effects Plugin” that could do everything that is stylistically up to date this year I am not aware of anything that is available like that at the moment for Shotcut. The expectation seems to be that you have to build all these effects from the ground up yourself - thats my understanding and I really could easily be wrong. Video reviews by others on YT seem to say the same thing but oh well.

Thanks a lot ! This is what I was looking at but the effect stack is better :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that there is no 1:1 plugin in shotcut, but with basic filters this can also be done. Just looking at more experienced users to show (as e.g. Dima) how to stack up filters in most effective way.

Unfortunately, at the moment Shotcut does not support connecting third-party plugins. But thanks to the new ability to create filter sets, you can spend more time once, create the desired effect from the filters, make a set of them and apply the desired effect “in one click” in the future. This feature saved me a lot of time and those effects that I used to have to do from the very beginning, now I can do it in one click and it’s very convenient.


Shotcut is a video editor, After Effect is effect engine, better compared with blender than with shotcut.
After effect has properly 100’s of developers and cost a lot of money each month, so you get a lot of fancy features.
In shotcut you have to use to fantasy and skills and you can create amazing results, but it take more work, that the commercial solutions, that have made the advanced stuff easier to use.
Most of the stuff is just bling, it can be fun and cool, but it really don’t add any real value to the resulting video.
In the audacity video, it feel a little werid, that thay use all the fancy effect to show an open source application, with an UI that looks dated and not very sexy :smiley:

The Corner Pin filter in Shotcut can do the job, like demonstrated by @dimadjdocent but if you plan on using that kind of effect often @slawekmikula and want it to be as good as in After Effect, It might be a good idea to learn how to use Blender. It is an excellent companion for Shotcut.

I quickly created this short animation in Blender.

I imported a screenshot image of the Shotcut window.
I pointed the camera in Blender at the image and with keyframes I changed the camera angle and position. I forgot to use the Depth of Field tool to create the blurry parts though, sorry.


Thanks ! looks very cool. I know a little blender but mostly for the static 3d part. Animation/camera keying wasn’t the thing I had a look at. Regarding the depth of field do you mean this feature: Cameras — Blender Manual and example How to create depth of field (DoF) in Blender - ?

Ah, one thing with blender. With this method can we put video (motion) instead of the static image as in your example ?


Yes, it is possible. But I don’t remember trying it (I haven’t used Blender for months, so I’m a little rusty)
For static images, you need to activate the Import image as plane plugin.
I guess it is the same thing for video clips.

Found this tutorial on how to import video as plane in Blender.
I will try it and get back to you

Works fine


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