After converted file for Edit-Friendly, the video turns black for a few minutes in middle.

What is your operating system?

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?
24.02.29 (portable version)

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
It’s easy to reproduce.
Restarting and running the shotcut does not change the result.

I think it’s because the video is black, but the file size is about 200 to 300MB smaller than expected.

original file 2.mp4 : 1048574 KB
Converted file size is below.
Version 23.11.29 : 720620 KB
Version 23.12.15 : 683354 KB
Version 24.01.28 : 683354 KB
Version 24.02.29 : 683354 KB

If I convert the files before and after the video above, the result will be as follows.
1.mp4 1048574 KB → 967308 KB
3.mp4 1048574 KB → 920976 KB
Shotcut.txt (37.0 KB)

This is a problem in the source video and does not reproduce with my videos. Size is not always going to be bigger. To understand that requires knowledge of video compression (H.264 is much more efficient than MPEG-2). You can try to transcode using another tool, but this Shotcut feature is using the ffmpeg command line utility. But also maybe you do not need to convert.

From your application log, I can see that the source file is variable frame rate. Converting it is probably the right thing to do.

Also, from the log, I can see that Shotcut is having trouble detecting free space on your “R:” drive. And that is where you are exporting the converted file. The job succeeds. So I do not know if this is a problem. But maybe try converting the file into your “D:” drive.

If you want to share VTS_01_5.mp4 with me, I am willing to try to convert it and see if I can successfully convert the file. You would need to upload it to a file sharing site (like google drive, etc) and then send me a link.

Thank you for your reply.

To leader
Since I’m a shotcut beginner, I was asked if I wanted to convert, and I said yes.

But also maybe you do not need to convert.
I’ll try it if I can edit it without converting.

To brian
The R drive is a RAM disk with 10GB of space.
I am also converting other files using the R drive, but there are no particular problems.
Please send a blank email to the email I registered when reporting the bug.
I will send you the file link address in return.

If I register and convert multiple files, all of them will fail.
In other reports, it was reported that only the first one was successfully converted.