After adding a .MLT file as a clip to my project it completely broke my whole video

I was editing a video in which I had cut out a lot of the video and made cuts as edits but as soon as I added an .MLT file as a clip to my playlist the video then began to play as if I had fast forwarded the video even though I had not and the video track is now showing parts of the video which I had cut out and not cutting when it shows on the shotcut project.

I’m using the latest version of shotcut.

This has caused me to lose the correctly edited version of this project as I now only have one before any edits and this broken one which has the correct edits but shows the wrong video and audio. Is there anyway to correct this or am I going to have to redo the whole thing?

This shows the problems with my project after adding the .MLT file as a clip.

What is the fps of your main project?

And what is the fps of the mlt file that you tried adding in?

The fps of my main project is 60fps

Im not sure what the fps of the clip I tried adding is as it is an older clip and I cannot remember. Is there a way to check?

It turns out that the .MLT file as a clip I tried adding to my main project was missing the video file so when trying to open that .MLT on its own it would fail to open. I believe this may have caused the issue but im not 100% sure. I have now fixed the clip itself but the only problem is I dont know if there is a solution to fix my main project.

Yes. Open the mlt file in a new separate Shotcut session, select the Output track on the timeline, go to the Properties panel and see what it says for “Frame rate”.

I have just checked and the clip I tried to put into my main project is 30fps.

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