Advanced Crop

I was thinking, as much as this may be a hassle to achieve, it would be VERY useful if there was some form of advanced cropping. It could be similar to how you can crop things out in Photoshop where you draw out where you want to crop.

I dont know if this is of much use in moving pictures? If you have still images - yes, that makes sense. But in video only when you have no movement at all. Than you can draw a mask and use that instead to cut out.

Just to be clear, by draw out in Photoshop, do you mean drawing a rectangle with the Crop tool to crop down an image to the size of that rectangle?

If so, I do agree that having the possibility to be able to use handles directly on the preview screen when cropping a video would be useful.

This already requested as a drawn mask tool, and it is on the road map to be done using keyframable bezier-curved lines.

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