Advance text effects

Hi I’m relatively new to video editing but i know my way around shotcut. Please can any show me or refer me to a tutorial how to add effects to text. Example

  1. Making all the letters in a word like "indescribable " appearing singly until they completely spell the word
  2. A video that has a list of ten things e.g ten amazing things that only Twin children would understand , and i want to display a number on each of the ten things

I’d like to learn things like this and more.

Also if any one is interested in mentioning a newbie in shotcut editing

You’re going to be using Keyframes for what you want to accomplish.
You could use the text filter, or your could use text images with Keyframes to accomplish what you’re after.

Here is an example I made a while back.
They not separate letters, but could be.

The best tutorials for animating text have been made by the forum’s text master @jonray.

JonRay Channel

Thank you for the quick response. I’ll check it out and see how it goes.

Works well. And quite easy to follow. Thank you for this.

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