Adobe's best practices guide can apply to Shotcut

Adobe has released a free no-registration-required 139-page PDF called “Adobe Premiere Pro Best Practices & Workflow Guide For Long Form and Episodic Post Production”. It can be found here:

The PDF covers dailies, proxy management, multi-camera organization, remote workflows, and other topics encountered when producing movies, documentaries, and television episodes.

There are some ideas in it that can be applied to organizing media in a large Shotcut project. Maybe this guide can inspire some efficiency improvements in people’s workflows. It’s certainly interesting to see how larger productions get their work done!


Anyone else having difficulties downloading the PDF?
I get this message from Chrome:

Maybe a temporary problem? I just tried from Firefox on desktop and Safari on mobile, and both worked.

Still can’t download from Chrome, but it worked with Firefox.


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Just downloaded it via Chrome with no problems.