Administrator or Moderator help please

Hi, I’m thinking I need to start over. I downloaded shotcut as directed and clicked on the .exe file in the folder I found using File Explorer in W10 Pro on a laptop. All my other open source programs can be found by clicking the All Programs near that Start button in W10 or just sliding the slider down searching each program name alphabetically. But, not shotcut. It never displays when I search for it…except if I open File Explorer an find the folder rand then see the .exe file. If I click on that it never opens. I can’t use the program if it won’t launch. Plus. all I seem to get in my gmail from shotcut these days are the summary of posts. If anyone replies to my post like this I never see it. Can a Moderator please help? Thank you.

The Shotcut forum cannot receive replies by e-mail. That is not setup, and I have no plans to set it up.

As for your app icon problem, people already told you how to easily add an icon to your desktop by finding the exe, right click and choose Send To > Desktop. And I already told you that the next version’s installer will include a desktop icon option. I cannot help it if Windows 10 is hiding Shotcut on your system. We are doing the correct thing in the installer with how to add a shortcut to the Start menu, and it works on all my Windows systems.

To change your e-mail settings, go here, which is easily accessed by the “gear” icon under the menu in the top right corner of the page.
Also, keep in mind, that there are no administrators or moderators that are not the developers. Time holding your hand for minor things that we do not control is time not spent on the code.

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