Adjusting the speed of a clip

First of all, thanks to the devs who make Shotcut possible. I’ve only been using it for a week or so, but it’s mostly intuitive and I’m able to find what I need in a hurry. My previous software was getting outdated and just wasn’t providing what I needed anymore, so it’s good to be able to have such an advanced FOSS application available.

The community might be way ahead of me on this (I haven’t gone through all of the message threads) but here’s my idea for an improvement: It would be helpful to have clip speed be variable, like a keyframe or similar. There are times when speeding up or slowing down within the same clip would be helpful to a video. I believe other applications call it ‘speed ramping’. If that’s already available, and I’m just not seeing, I apologize for the unnecessary post here.

I was thinking about that just the other day. I agree that it would be useful sometimes if video speed was a keyframeable effect. But I guess there must be a good reason why we can only adjust the speed of a clip via the “Properties” tab.

already frequently requested (and some development work started)

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