Adjustable fast forward speed

It will be great if the playing speed can be adjustable. Don’t need to be completely free, maybe few options like Youtube.
The existing fast forward function is too fast, especially for static video like interview, you can’t know what’s going on by the picture only.


I agree, sometimes can be helpful to control the velocity of the playback in timeline, specially when using the highspeed playback. Right now it gos very fast and is impossible to understand a dialog when playing timeline in high speed, it would be so nice to have an intermediate (less high) speed that make it possible, or even better, to have some kind of control for 1/4x, 1/2x, 1x, 2x, 4x, etc, playback speed.


I completely agree. Many times one needs to go at a greater speed rate but not to hight to do note understand the dialog. I kind of control as proposed by JeffVrenois is very welcome.

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Yes, please. More control over fast forward and rewind would be most welcome. I use a mix of J & L (on the rare occasions I want light-speed), the arrow keys, and page up / down with modifier keys. It gets me there but jumps Vs smoothly scrubbing the the footage.

This already exists by pressing the key or button multiple times. Past problems with it going too fast were fixed a while ago. Closing because the original is not about slow speeds.