Adjust brightness


Is it possible to darken the horizon and make the rest of an image lighter?
I tried masking, cropping, etc… No luck.


It’s possible to do it with Mask simple shape, Chroma key, and the Brightness filters. It’s not going to be perfect.

@Galipe can probably do better.



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An image? No video clip?
A first thought, maybe you want to make an own mask, then maybe combined in two tracks…


It’s a videoclip. Turns out that color correction was the filter I was looking for.

Je pense qu’il vaut mieux utiliser le filtre de modification de la fusion sur une image grise collée sur la piste supérieur.
Je créerais un exemple plus tard.

I think it’s better to use the blend mode filter on a gray image pasted on the top track.
I’ll create an example later.


Voici comment j’ai procédé.
Je copie une piste sur l’autre puis j’ajuste la luminosité : piste 1 plus claire,piste 2 plus foncé, enfin j’ajoute un masque sur la piste 2 au niveau du ciel.


This is how I proceeded.
I copy one track on the other then I adjust the brightness: lighter track 1, lane 2 darker, finally I add a mask on track 2 at the sky.

le mlt se touve ici plage.mlt (9.7 KB)

la video ici


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