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It has been some time since I have used Shotcut to assemble family videos. Perhaps I am a little rusty. I am using version 20.09.27 on Kububntu Linux. I have a very basic question about adding a Playlist item to my Timeline. When I start adding to my Timeline I click on a Playlist item and click on the Plus symbol (Add) and it gives an error, “You cannot add an non-seekable source.” What the heck is that? I selected it so it must be seekable!

OK, so I ‘double-click’ on my Playlist item and clicking Plus adds it. Fussy, fussy, fussy! Now when I select (single-click) another Playlist item that item is highlighted in the list but when I click the Plus to add it to the Timeline it adds the previously added Playlist item. THIS IS NOT INTUITIVE, GUYS!

So, what is going on? Do I have to double-click each Playlist item so it is REALLY selected? Come on man! Since I edit on the Timeline this adds the necessity of double-clicking on the Playlist item and clicking the Play/Pause button to stop the unwanted audio playing back. What ever happened to single-click, Plus, single-click, Plus to rapidly build my Timeline?

Your thoughts please.


There is a Plus symbol in both the playlist and the timeline. I assume you refer to the Plus symbol in the timeline which has a tooltip that says “Append to the current track”. The timeline append (Plus) button does not add from the playlist. It adds from the source player. The reason you have to double click the playlist item is that a double click opens the playlist entry in the source player. After that, the Append (Plus) button in the timeline will add it.

The playlist is not required to add items to the timeline. Do you need it? You can open a file and then drag it directly from the player into the timeline.

I like to use the playlist because I can open all my files at once and then use the hamburger menu to add all files from the playlist to the timeline.

There is a video demonstration here:

The only difference is that the menu entry has been changed from “Add all to timeline” to “Add selected to timeline” and you have to choose “Select All” and then “Add Selected to timeline”

Hi Brian! Thanks for the reply.

Opening the hamburger menu on the Playlist brought understanding. I forgot there are a lot of different operations available for the Playlist. In addition, I found the toggle for ‘Play After Open’ which is annoying to me.

I realize different people have different editing styles. I remember one guy who never used the Timeline! I prefer using the Timeline for my final edits because it allows for finer resolution and rehearsal of my edits. Now I can double-click on a Playlist item and press A (add) which is fast but still allows me to check for anomalies when building the Timeline.

Thanks for jogging the old guy’s memory.


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