Adding to my playlist from my the timeline

I’m a new user to Shotcut, and when I started my first project I wasn’t familiar with the playlist tab and how to add/remove from it.

I have now successfully completed my first project and I want to add all the content on my timeline to the playlist so I can organize my source folder and delete unwanted content.

I have just under 100 images/mp4/audio files used in my project and I’m looking for a quick way to add them all to the playlist.

If that’s not possible or if there’s an easier way to show a list of all the files used in my project I would be very interested in learning how to do it.

There is no quick way. The clips have to be added one at a time.

Select the clip on the timeline. Press C to copy.
Press Esc to shift focus to the Source Viewer.
Press Shift+A or the + icon to add the clip to the playlist.

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